Imagine you are from another world,
An explorer.
As you journey through the Milky Way
Your radio wave detector locks on to a signal,
A signal from planet Earth.

It is your charge to seek signs of intelligent life,
Aided by a spacecraft traveling from point to point,
Eliminating all intervals between departure and arrival,
No longer needing to fold time and space.

You decipher the radio waves
Embedded with random records of humankind,
A people prone to conflict and violence,
Whose entertainments are filled with conflict and violence.

Your spacecraft is cloaked,
Invisible to Earth telescopes
While you study these earthly beings,
Their strengths and weaknesses,
The global conflicts
Without resolution,
The suffering
Without resolution,
The steady destruction of the planet,
Without resolution.

After all your studying is through,
Would you make contact?
Would you dare?

~ Russ Allison Loar
© All Rights Reserved